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Frequently Asked Questions

Our bulk SMS gateway control panel is very easy to use. Just log on to textguru.in dashboard and there will be two steps. On step one, you can enter mobile numbers and in step two you can type your message and click on send SMS button to deliver the message on your requested mobile numbers.

Transactional SMS : Transactional SMS are informative SMS. People like to receive these SMS like banking, school & colleges alerts, bill payment reminders, Otp Etc. Transactional SMS will be delivered to all dnd and non dnd numbers and it works 24 hours. Promotional SMS : brands send promotional SMS to registered & non-registered mobile numbers to boost their reach and sales. SMS will be delivered 9 am to 9 pm only. Promotional SMS will deliver only to non dnd numbers.

Yes, We provide bulk SMS excel plugin to send different SMS to different mobile numbers. Like school sent mark sheet SMS to parent's mobile number.

Yes, We provide bulk SMS API script to send SMS from your software & website.

OfCourse, we support sender id in 6 alphabets. Like TxtGru as a header of your SMS.

Yes, We provide you step by step video tutorials to send bulk SMS.

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In order to provide you with fast SMS services, All of our servers are hosted in Indian datacenters.

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We offer advanced bulk SMS APIs for getting our services integrated with your software, app & website.

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Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with getting your service running smoothly.

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In just 2 to 5 seconds, We ensure that your OTP sms is delivered with our high quality fast bulk sms gateway.

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9 Benefits of WhatsApp Business API For Small & Big Businesses.

Communication is very important for the success of any business.

No matter, how small or large business you own, if you cannot communicate with your clients and potential buyers, your business can not grow. In the past business, letters were sent through the post, which was very time taking.

With the advancement of technology and the internet, business communication shifted to emails. But now, we have much faster and reliable communications methods like WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps. According to an estimate, more than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp. It has its users all over the world and is considered as the most reliable communication method, which is free of cost too. Now, WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp business API to make things easier for small and big businesses. It offers effective and effortless communication. Here we are discussing some advantages of this interface.

01. Send media-rich messages:

It was not easy to send audio or video files through emails. Attachments were very difficult to send with emails. But WhatsApp Business API enables its users to send media-rich messages. You can send audio files, videos, gifs, images, etc. People associated with the advertisement or any other form of media or fashion can take advantage of these WhatsApp business features.

It's very simple and files can be transferred in a very short time. if the speed of your internet is good, files will be sent in no time.

02. Safe and secure:

All WhatsApp messages are sent on an end to end encrypted platform. So, sending and receiving messages through WhatsApp is completely secure. You can share your business secrets with your clients or partners and there are no chances of any intrusion of leakage. Whatever information or data you share through WhatsApp remains secure. Clients also feel safe to communicate through WhatsApp.

03. Share Location:

This feature is particularly important for online shopping and any kind of home delivery. It allows the customer to share their exact location. This feature can help delivery boys to drop the delivery package to the exact location. It saves a lot of time and hassle.

04. Share documents:

Documents are very important for any business. Invoices, offer letters, letter of intent, term and conditions and legal documents, you need to discuss verity of documents with your clients and some are even urgent.

WhatsApp Business API documentation is friendly. You can send any kind of text document through this platform and it will be received immediately. The platform speeds up things and makes life easier for a business person.

05. Reach to international customers:

WhatsApp is used all over the world and through this platform you can reach to all your clients, no matter where they live. Access to the international market is very easy with this platform. This app is helping small businesses to grow on the international level, without any investment in communication or marketing.

06. Nominal Cost:

If we talk about the WhatsApp business API Cost, it was free initially. However, as the number of users has increased on the platform the company has decided to put some charges.

If the user will respond to a message within 24 hours, there will be no charges but if he is replying after 24 hours, very little price like few cents will be charged. WhatsApp Business API pricing varies from country to country. But people who want faster communication can use it for free even now.

07. Know the status of your message:

When we send an email, we get information that email was sent but it can land in the trash folder and the recipient will not read it ever. But if you sent a message through WhatsApp you can be sure that the message was delivered, and the recipient has read it. It ensures a businessperson that his message has been delivered to the client, certainly.

08. Create your brand identity:

The WhatsApp business API offers a unique feature to its users. You can create your WhatsApp profile and can advertise your new products or services. It is a free marketing tool, which can help you to create awareness about your brand.

09. Integrate WhatsApp with your website:

WhatsApp business API integration is another amazing feature of this platform. You can integrate the app with your WhatsApp business and you will be able to send your website through messages.

The integration process is not very difficult. It will take a bit of your time and you will be able to use this platform in a much more effective way.

These are just a few advantages of WhatsApp business API. The app is helping millions of people all over the world to grow their business. The features are very useful and easy to use. Moreover, it is available for free. If we talk about WhatsApp business pricing India, it is free for Indian users.

However, for delayed responses, a fixed amount per message is charged. This App can help you to grow your business if you use it effectively. However, the important thing is to know all the features of the app and use them properly.

This is a reliable and cost-effective communication app, which can solve all your communication problems.

It can take your small business to an international level without any trouble and extra investment. All you need to do is to download the app and connect it with your phone. Now, this app is available for other platforms like MAC as well.

Right now, WhatsApp business API is the best solution for all your business needs. In future, we can hope for the better versions, but important thing is to take the advantage of best available option.